Salmon Tacos

This morning for breakfast I found myself eating warm salmon with artichoke and green olive tapinade on corn tortillas. My lama Tara Tulku taught us to use whatever opportunity was available to contemplate our interconnectedness with the greater whole, and I remembered his teaching while munching on one of my makeshift tacos.  Alaskan wild-caught salmon melting in my mouth -- Pacific seawater becomes my body.  Corn tortillas -- midwestern earth becomes my body.   Artichokes and green olives -- California earth and Sierra-Nevada water becomes my body.  Columbia River water turns the turbines which generate the electricity which powers my microwave oven and heats the tacos.  These places all join together as "me".  How can I go about my days feeling disconnected from the world when all it takes is a little observation and imagination to see the reality that I am not separate by one hair's breadth!

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