Why Blog?

As I prepare to retire from my "day job" and step into my truly elder years I face the usual questions of what to do?, where to live?, how to get on?  And as a Buddhist, I face some others that some of my friends may not be asking, such as how to fulfill my obligations to my ancestors who have passed along so much to me?  How do I pass these gifts forward? As a teacher, writer -- and now -- photographer, some obvious options present themselves. But these options are fraught with the dangers of narcissism and self absorption. Yet to do, say or show nothing also seems irresponsible to the future.

So, inspired by some old friends who have gone down this path, I've decided to try blogging.  Perhaps as an early sign of narcissism, however, I immediately began to wonder how to present myself.  Would I post a banner on my blog?  What image would I use?  My first good photo came to mind, but I immediately began to wonder, do I really consider myself a rusty old truck?  Perhaps as this blog evolves I'll find out!


  1. Dear David, i recently started a blog myself due to my studies at the university of Antwerp. It is part of a college task to start with a blog. So i do understand your thoughts in the narcissism direction completely, but i did overcome and shredded this threshold or initial hesitation. Let me first introduce myself. I am 63 and retired since 2013, i decided to start studying again and so i picked up the bachelor in philosophy in Antwerp, Belgium (Europe) 2 years ago, which turned out to be a magnificent hit for me. To make things short i've visited India, Nepal & Sri Lanka many times in the past (may be my karma) and i've had several spiritual experiences which created a deep interest in the many Buddhistic paths. So a couple of days ago through so called 'accidental' causes i started reading your book "Nagarjuna's Seventy Stanza's" (c) 1987. It is a Dutch translation of 2001. Anyhow this book really blows me away!!! I feel so lucky to read these "stanza's" over and over again with the accompanying translations and statements. Nagarjuna's explanation of the emptiness makes so much sense for me!!! I had a mystical experience in Ladakh in 1994, and since then i am searching for the explanation of it, what i then felt or witnessed was that i was in an emptiness and the sort of connection of the everything in the one & all. I am a regular meditator, Vinyasa Yoga follower and reader of spiritual books. But your book about the Nagarjuna Stanza's feels like the key to open the "gate" for what im looking for! It gives me much joy and a seed which holds understanding and commitment. A very warm thanks David and i hope to blog with you again soon ...

    1. Hello. Glad to hear that the book was useful to you and always glad to correspond via email if you care to do so. Please use this address: .